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Contributing to the Field of Knowledge

Published Research


Brothers, K.J. & Cammilleri, A. P. (2003). The Baer Necessities: Observation, measurement, and analysis. In K. S. Budd & T. F. Stokes (Eds.), A Small Matter of Proof: The Legacy of Donald M. Baer (pp. 181-194). Reno, NV: Context Press.

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Garcia-Albea, E., Reeve, S. A., Brothers, K.J., & Reeve, K. F. (2014). Using script fading and multiple exemplar training to increase verbal interactions in children with autism. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis,4 7 325-343. doi: 10. 1002/ Jaba.125

Gomes, S. R., Reeve, S. A., Brothers, K. J., Reeve, K. F., & Sidener, T. M. (2019). Establishing a Generalized Repertoire of Initiating Bids for Joint Attention in Children with Autism. Behavior Modification. https://doi.org/10.1177/0145445518822499

Manuscripts Under Review / In Preparation

Brothers, K.J. (2002) Reflections on the Development and Use of a System to Evaluate Outcomes for Learners with Autism: Some Enduring Contributions from Donald M. Baer, Ph.D. Unpublished manuscript.

Gomes, S.R., Reeve, S.A., Brothers, K.J., Sidener, T.M., & Reeve, K.F. Teaching a Generalized Repertoire of Initiating Bids for Joint Attention with Children with Autism. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Machado, E.D., Reeve, K.F., Brothers, K.J., Etzel, B.C., & Reeve, S.A. Effects of digital superimposition and fading to establish sight reading skills for learners with autism. Manuscript in preparation.

Shreiber, P.C., Reeve, S.A., Brothers, K.J., Reeve, K.F. Comparing prompt fading strategies in the context of activity schedules to teach individuals with autism home-living skills. Manuscript in preparation.

Shreiber, P.C., Brothers, K.J., Machado, E.D. Prompting while teaching children with autism: Important questions about what and when. Manuscript in preparation.

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