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Our classrooms are efficiently designed to maximize instructional time. With a one-to-one ratio of students and teachers, we guarantee each student receives maximum individualized attention to help them grow and succeed. Our facility also includes a large conference room fitted with distance-learning technology as well as a life/employment-skills room to maximize student options.

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The facility includes residential kitchens, a laundry room, a life/employment-skills room, a video editing area, an infirmary equipped with physician’s-office equipment donated by Ethicon, a mock dental office with equipment donated by the Turk family, a hotel room with furnishings donated by the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, and a large conference room fitted with distance-learning technology donated by the NJ SIM Foundation. In addition, a 50 x 50′outdoor playground and recreational area – donated by Marge & Joe Goryeb and Jayne Murphy –  is located in the building’s courtyard. The U-shaped, wood-frame structure is warm and inviting and blends well with the property’s rural surroundings. The interior of the building is filled with natural light and is painted in warm, soothing colors.

The facility was designed by Darren Malone, formerly of Hone & Associates Architects of Lambertville, NJ.
Designed With SPECIALIZED LEARNING SPACES Each of the Institute’s Classrooms has space for a 1-to-1 student to teacher ratio.
Observation ROOMS Outfitted with one-way glass, these spaces allow parents to observe their child’s behavior, along with Institute teaching practices, to better equip them to utilize these methods at home.
The FEATURES OF HOME The Institute is equipped with many spaces that resemble a home, like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, a laundry room, etc., to promote generalization of home living skills.
Incidental TEACHING SPACES All spaces in the Institute serve an instructional purpose. Spaces such as shelves in the hallway with toys placed out of student reach set natural occasions for language instruction

A Multitude Of
Including office, hotel, agricultural, carpentry and facilities maintenance settings.

COMMUNITY SETTINGS We bring elements of a community, including stores and parks, among others, into our facility to promote the generalization of skills.
DISTANCE LEARNING CENTER Our large, fully functional conference room is fitted with video conferencing tools and other technologies to education professionals beyond our walls.
Donated by the NJ SIM Foundation
HEALTH AND WELLNESS SITES Our facility includes walking paths, a gym, and medical and dental offices.


Somerset Hills Learning Institute is beautifully situated on Burnt Mills Road in Bedminister, New Jersey. Everything about our campus has been carefully constructed and designed to maximize our students’ experience. Throughout the years we have had many wonderful donors help make this possible, including Ethicon, The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, and the NJ SIM Foundation. We, as well as our supporters, are 100% invested in our students future both inside and outside our walls.

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