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Home Programming

“Home programming is not optional; It’s an essential element of our program. We provide support to parents in two ways; first, we teach them how to become the teachers their children need them to be, and second, we create a home environment that allows the children to be successful at displaying their skills at home. Families get to experience the joys of being a family.”

Dr. Kevin Brothers

Consistent Success

Family-Living Support

Not all autism treatment programs include home programming services. At Somerset Hills Learning Institute, we know it is an essential part of an effective treatment response to autism.

Home programming consists of ongoing community and home visits from Somerset Hills Learning Institute staff members in order to help students generalize their skills and teach parents to be the teachers their children need. On average, these visits take place 4-5 times each month but can be more or less frequent based on student need.

96.75 %
Percent of Lifetime Hours Outside of School

Only 3.25% of lifetime hours are spent in school, which is why it is imperative to teach parents how to use home time as productively as possible.

Parent's Concerns are Our Concerns

Any Hour of the Day or Night

The content of these visits is determined by families’ specific needs. If a family is struggling with getting up and ready to leave the house in the morning, the Institute’s staff member will be there in the morning to aid in the process of creating a manageable routine. If the trouble lies with going to bed or staying in bed, the staff will be there for them at night, even if that means the middle of the night, to work out a solution.

This program also consists of helping families attend events, activities, religious services, and other important events outside the home.

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