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An Introduction To Our


“It is an amazing, powerful combination of the heart and the mind together.”

Somerset Hills Learning Institute Parent

How We Came To Be

Our History

Determined to give their children a chance at life, five families founded Somerset Hills Learning Institute in 1998. In February 1999, the Institute opened its doors in rented space below a convent in Gladstone, NJ. On April 23, 2007, the Institute realized its goal of building its permanent home – a state-of-the-art facility located in Bedminster, NJ. Today, the Institute serves children from Pre-K through age 21 and is in the process of obtaining approval to serve adults.

The Year We Were


In Rented Space, We Officially

Opened Our Doors

First Student Transition to

Regular Education

First Day in Our State-Of-The-Art

Permanent Home

Our First Student Graduation into


Purchase of Additional Physical-Plant Space at

Three Meadows Farm

More than half of our graduations have returned children to regular education classrooms, saving NJ taxpayers at least $60 million.


More About Us

Our Stats

Our service reach is more than 100 people. The Institute currently serves 29 students and their families. We provide direct, hands-on training to all parents, along with extended family members (e.g. grandparents, uncles, and aunts). Our staff to student ratio is one-to-one in all but one classroom. There is a one-to-five staff trainer to teach ratio in every classroom. Our 40 staff members receive didactic training, but primarily side-by-side coaching daily. In addition, we have a relationship with Caldwell University’s Masters and Ph. D. programs in Applied Behavior Analysis. Many of our staff are pursuing or have earned their Masters or Ph.D.s. Caldwell University students routinely visit the Institute and participate in data collection activities, conduct research, and gain teaching experience with us.

Our students are from 7 counties across New Jersey and we are especially pleased that much of the growth in our student body has been among toddlers and pre-school age children. Early intervention has proven to make a substantial difference in the lives of persons with autism. Earlier treatment will improve our ability to meet our goal of returning as many of our students as possible to regular education to complete their education.

Somerset Hills Learning Institute is approved by the NJ Department of Education to serve learners with autism age 3 to 21. We can also serve children before age 3 when families contract with us for services. Using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, the Institute enables learners to acquire the language, academic, and social skills that lead to independence.


Staff Members

We have 40 staff members who receive didactic and hands-on training daily during their employment at the Institute.



The Institute currently serves 29 students and their families.



Our students are from 7 counties across New Jersey.



We provide direct, hands-on training to 58 parents which we also offer to extended family members.



Our daily service-reach is more than 100 people.

How We Are


School district funding covers only a portion of the total cost to educate each of our students. As such, the Institute relies on community support to make up the difference. We make up this deficit through our annual fund-raising activities.

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