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Center for Career Advancement

Keys to Success

Our Process

In the next decade, approximately half a million people with autism will age into adulthood (Roux et al., 2017). That’s 50,000 students with autism exiting the education system each year leaving parents, once again, in the difficult situation of needing to find appropriate care for their son or daughter. Somerset Hills Learning Institute is one of the few programs in the nation endeavoring to impact the 86% unemployment rate (Roux et al., 2017) of these individuals.

While many adult services programs offer little more than what amounts to babysitting, the Center for Career Advancement at Somerset Hills Learning Institute provides continued ABA treatment along with skills training, enabling those enrolled to achieve success that would otherwise not be possible.

86 %
Unemployment Rate

86% of Adults with Autism are Unemployed

Our Services Are

Personalized & Comprehensive

Our Center for Career Advancement offers personalized and comprehensive services leading to fulfilling lives, meaningful employment, and careers, as well as community involvement.

Career Training

The Center has provided career training in multiple local business locations including a childcare center, an office supply store, a farm, and a courthouse, among others. Staff from the Institute work with students to cultivate job skills in fields they enjoy.

Life Skills

By continuing quality ABA services into adulthood, we build upon the investments made during the entitlement years. Continued intervention means continued success.

A Custom Program

Tailored for Change

The Center for Career Advancement does not fit people into a career-training program; rather, we tailor our work to meet the needs of those we serve. We give participants experience in several different kinds of jobs, along with the ability to communicate their strengths and preferences, so each person can decide what kind of career he/she would like to pursue.

At this time the Center for Career Advancement is at full capacity and regrettably cannot consider enrolling new learners. Please check back for updates about when we will be considering new applicants.

*Roux, Anne M., Shattuck, Paul T., Rast, Jessica E., Anderson, Kristy A. National Autism Indicators Report: Developmental Disability Services and Outcomes in Adulthood. Philadelphia, PA: Life Course Outcomes Research Program, A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, Drexel University, 2017.

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